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BB King still Reigns BB King still Reigns

Ana Popovic - Captivating Ana Popovic and BB King. Another evening in this seasons excellent Open-Air calendar at Bonn Museumsplatz that delivered music and emotion. Another evening to saviour before the lights go out forever at this exceptional venue? On Mondays evidence Bonn would be very much the poorer without its ‘Big Tent’ atmosphere amongst... [Read more of this story]

The Pogues at Museumsplatz The Pogues at Museumsplatz

In 2002 Q Magazine listed The Pogues as “One of the fifty bands to see before you die” A little late maybe; but last Thursday at Bonns Museumsplatz I got around to the task, and, whilst it would perhaps be optimistic to hope that Punk-Folk was well,  was it still alive? It’s 8pm and I’ve been standing in the Photo-pit with a monitor... [Read more of this story]

Museumsmile Festival on Memory Lane Museumsmile Festival on Memory Lane

I caught this lady drummer onstage at the Museumsmile Festival in Bonn this weekend, without the regulation drummers short sleeved ‘muscle shirt’ and sneakers. ‘Die Madämchen’ are a Ladies Chamber Orchestra that was founded in 1984 in Cologne by Dorota Lesch.  Their musical roots are in Chicago Ragtime so maybe I am slipping... [Read more of this story]

Open Day at Bonn Guildhall Open Day at Bonn Guildhall

The chance to see the “Lord Mayors Office” was also an excuse to see what’s changed since the ‘decorators’ moved out of the Bonn Guildhall.  In the event there wasn’t a lot to see.  Bonn Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch has only just moved into his new office this week, so he had an excuse for not having a room stacked with... [Read more of this story]

But is it Art? But is it Art?

As of this week Bonn has a new Public work of Art. ‘In seven Days Time’ is the name of Katharina Grosses Artwork. Is it a slice? is it a sail? is it Art? It is undeniably 20 Metres long and 7 Metres high.  It weighs two tons, It’s made from fibreglass, spraypainted on both sides, and  cost 355,000 Euros (yes, that really is... [Read more of this story]

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Hurd about Bonn

Banjo Festival coming to Bonn Banjo Festival coming to Bonn

Sean Moyses is not only an excellent banjo player, but also excellent at organizing other banjo players.   Proof of this is the Banjo Festival 2011 to be held at The Fiddlers in Endenich. [Read more of this story]  Read More →

World Press photo 11 World Press photo 11

As in previous years the Deutsche Bahn is exhibiting the winning entries from the years World Press  Photo Competition (World Press Photo 11).  The ‘best of the best’ is currently on show at Cologne Main Railway Station until 29 August, and is, as always, a breathtaking experience. This years exhibition features 177 images  chosen from... [Read more of this story]

Royal Weddings R Us Royal Weddings R Us

Well, now it’s over I think it has to be said – Britain does these things very well indeed.   I can’t judge the media presentation in the UK from here in Germany but I would guess (hope!) that the somber tones of a black and white yesteryear were replaced by something more 21st Century technicolour.   Somehow, whereas Charles seemed to cry... [Read more of this story]

Currywurst Wars? Currywurst Wars?

Many of us from Britain might remember the ‘Curry Wars’ of the early 70’s as restaurant after restaurant opened up to fight for the tidalwave of hungry customers emerging from pubs at closing time.  It seems as if Bonn in 2010 has a variation on the theme. The ‘Bönnsche Imbiss” has been a popular ‘address’... [Read more of this story]

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